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Young Scholars Program

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Young Scholars Program


This month, we have initiated a new program to support 10 high school students from rural villages in the department of Sonsonate, El Salvador. Although this program is just a small start, our goal is to expand it to include more students each year. These students come from families that struggle to afford education and where 90% or more of the adults in their communities did not receive education past the 3rd grade. Each month, they will receive an individual scholarship to cover their schooling costs. To remain in the program, they are required to meet the following criteria:

  • ¬†Attend monthly leadership training with Adriana Tadeo, Director of the Education Program in El Salvador
  • Engage in monthly service projects, such as teaching young children and older adults in their communities to read, participating in trash pickup, Materna Deliveries, and home visits to mothers in their communities, etc.
  • Submit a quarterly book report
  • Provide their report cards each quarter

These students are making a difference in their villages and are inspiring examples to the young children they mentor. We are truly grateful for their sponsors who contribute $30 per month towards their education. This month, their leadership training focused on the theme “Education is the Bridge to Opportunity.” During this session, we discussed why they were chosen as scholars and expressed our hopes for their future as they take advantage of this opportunity to receive extra support for their studies.

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Location: Sonsonate, El Salvador
Date: January 1, 2024
Duration: 1 Day