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Volunteer Shoutout: Lizbeth Sigaran, RN

Materna Foundation  / Volunteer Shoutout: Lizbeth Sigaran, RN

Volunteer Shoutout: Lizbeth Sigaran, RN


We were truly fortunate to have Lizbeth Sigaran, RN, volunteer with us for the entire month of February in El Salvador. Her dedication and compassion made a remarkable impact on the lives of many.

“While I enjoyed all of the volunteer experiences, one of the highlights was surprising families in need and visiting elementary schools. Overall, every smile, hug, or simple gesture made this volunteer trip memorable.” -Lizbeth Sigaran

Here are some of the ways she contributed during her time in El Salvador:

  • Making home visits to families in need of urgent assistance
  • Providing support and guidance to breastfeeding mothers through lactation consults
  • Distributing Materna Kits to mothers in the Maternity Ward and conducting Materna Training for groups of mothers at hospitals and health clinics
  • Conducting maternal and infant health training for groups of young mothers during Village Outreach programs
  • Mentoring our Young Scholars and sharing her own experiences as a first-generation student, helping them create vision boards
  • Organizing home visits to provide a young boy with cerebral palsy with a wheelchair, bringing mobility and comfort to his life
  • Assisting with the translation of essential documents necessary for sponsorship
  • Participating in our ongoing research activities

Her selfless contributions have left a lasting impact, and we are deeply grateful for her time and efforts.

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Location: El Salvador
Date: February 29, 2024
Duration: 1 Day