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Materna Kits Delivery in Olanchito, Honduras

Materna Kits Delivery in Olanchito, Honduras


On Saturday, June 3rd, women in the areas surrounding Olanchito came to a Materna Kits Delivery at the Medic Natural Clinic. They were contacted by The Red Cross of Honduras, the Community Health Center of Olanchito, and the Medic Natural Team. Each of these organizations serve an extremely valuable purpose in the work we do – they offer their time as volunteers to care about the women in their communities.

Many of the mothers that participated in the delivery were first time moms, single moms, and adolescent mothers. Many needed some extra support – and we were happy to spend the time to answer some of their questions and visit with the mothers that had special circumstances after the training concluded.

Some of the questions that stood out to me were:

If one breast is producing more milk than the other, am I doing something wrong?

What is the best way to increase my production?

If my baby spikes a fever, should I still be breastfeeding?

Can I give my baby whole milk?

Hearing these amazing moms ask thoughtful, honest questions reminded me that the work we are doing matters. We are a valuable resource for so many mothers – and we must continue working to make breastfeeding resources available to all mothers in Central America.


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Location: Olanchito, Honduras
Date: June 3, 2023
Duration: 1 Day