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Honduras: Summer of Giving Recap

Materna Foundation  / Honduras: Summer of Giving Recap

Honduras: Summer of Giving Recap


This summer in Honduras, we were able to deliver 100 Materna kits to mothers living in poverty. We visited a handful of communities in Olanchito and Saba. Each Materna Kit included the donation of a manual breast pump and other reusable items for each mother as well as education for the mothers, community leaders, and health workers on topics like nutrition, mental health, lactation, breast pump usage and first aid preparedness. 

Each Materna Training is special, but our visit to the Women’s Hospital in Olanchito was especially unique. We were able to congratulate mothers as they held infants who were just a few hours old, and equip the mothers with necessary tools that will help them throughout the first 24 months of their infants’ lives. There were many fathers present, waiting outside of the hospital, who were eager to learn about infant nutrition and postpartum care for their partners, as well. We collaborated with The Red Cross of Honduras, the staff of Medic Natural Clinic, and the hospital staff to provide these resources both in the hospital and surrounding communities. Their contributions are very valuable in our efforts to make sustainable change in these communities that battle steep health disparities and lack of resources.

We are grateful to Western Transport Logistics for their generous support. Their donation of the totality of the cost of the kits we delivered this summer in Honduras allowed for many mothers and infants to be blessed.

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Location: Yoro, Honduras
Date: July 31, 2023
Duration: 1 Day